Cast of Characters

My goal for this little blog is to record one fun thing we do every day.  Most of those fun-a-days will be geared towards young children, but I’ll likely slip in some fun ideas for us adults too!  Below is a “cast of characters” related to the blog (I will update this as the cast expands).

Mary Catherine (aka Mama) — That’s me, in case you couldn’t tell!  I’m a 34-year old single mom, and that’s my primary job title.  In addition to that, teaching has long been a passion of mine.  I’ve got over 8 years’ experience in early childhood classrooms.  Currently, I’m teaching pre-K at an awesome preschool with some wonderful coworkers.  I love sleep, reading, scifi, and finding new ideas for the home/classroom.

Engineer — My son is a 5-year old kick in the pants!  I’ve given him this nickname since I’m convinced he’s going to be an engineer when he grows up.  The kid can build amazingly complex and unique structures with almost any material.  On top of that, he’s into Spiderman, Transformers, and just being a goofball!  He’s a loving, inquisitive, and active bull-in-a-China-shop.

Mary Poppins — My “practically perfect in every way” teaching partner.  Great teacher, wonderful friend, and just basically an awesome person.  I adore working with her.  This little nickname came about because she has what I call a Mary Poppins-bag — almost anything anyone could need seems to be in there.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a hat rack is hiding in there.  I also sometimes refer to her as The Coffee Fairy (she’s in charge of making the coffee at work, but she only uses her powers for good).

Snoopy — One of Engineer’s buddies who’s hanging out with us most summer mornings.  He loves trains (especially Thomas) and playing outside with us.  He’s a sweet kid with a great laugh!

Little Hurricane — Snoopy’s little brother.  This kiddo loves dancing to almost any kind of music and getting into everything!  His smile is contagious, and he shares Engineer’s bull-in-a-China-shop tendencies.

Girly Girl — A friend from school who visits us once or twice a week.  She loves babies, pretend play, swimming, and Caillou.  She may like all things girly, but she can sure hold her own with the boys!

Determined Diva (Formerly “Baby Girl”) — A new addition to our crew as of September 2012.  She was 4-months old when I started watching her after school, and she is growing like a weed!  Engineer is her favorite “toy”, and she loves watching him make silly faces.  Her name has been updated now that her personality is shining through!  She is one determined little girl — determined to crawl, determined to have your attention, determined to be on the move!  Love it!

Captain America — A 4-year old who’s in Girly Girl’s class this year.  I’ve known him since he was 2, and it’s been fun to watch him grow up!  He’s very much into super heroes right now, in case you couldn’t tell!  He’s a quiet, smiley, bouncy kiddo who’s always up for fun.

Frat Boy — Captain America’s 2-year old little  brother.  I’ve been watching him since he was 4-months old, so he’s another staple at our house.  He’s a very happy, boisterous boy!  When we leave the preschool, he bellows out goodbyes to all of the teachers.  He does it in such a way that I can just picture him as a partying frat boy . . . big man on campus.  🙂

Ice, Ice Lady — This year, we have 2 official pre-k classrooms.  Ms. Ice is teaching the other pre-k kiddos, so she, Mary Poppins, and I are working together a lot this year.  She loooooves her icy drinks and has been known to pout if she runs out of ice!  🙂

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