Hi there!  My name is Mary Catherine, and I’m a mama, teacher, and avid reader.  Thanks for taking a moment to pop by Fun-A-Day!

I’m a 34 (almost 35!) divorced, single mom.  My little guy, who isn’t so little anymore, is  5 years old and began kindergarten this school year.  I love him more than books, more than chocolate, more than sleeping in, etc.  He keeps me on my toes, challenges my view of the world, makes me laugh out loud, frustrates me beyond belief, and fills me with joy every day . . . and that’s just before 8:00 am!  🙂  He and I share an apartment with two spoiled cats who have oddly spelled, fun to pronounce, Celtic names.

I have been involved in early childhood education for over 10 years now.  I began teaching in 2001, and I haven’t looked back since!  I am a firm believer that education is the great equalizer . . . every child deserves to get a high quality education.  Yes, I know that’s not the reality of the world right now.  But I am doing my small part to bring about that change.

I also believe that education/teaching can, and should, take place everywhere . . . not just in a classroom.  It’s learning about our world, experiencing life, learning to be a productive citizen, asking questions, solving problems, making friends, etc.  It’s not just learning to read, write, and count (although that’s quite important as well).

Speaking of reading and writing — I am beyond passionate about early literacy!  Teaching children to read and write is both a tremendous responsibility and a gift.  If done in a meaningful, fun way, kiddos learn about literacy almost effortlessly.  It’s not about drill-and-kill!  It’s about reading lots and lots and lots of books to, and with, children.  It’s about linking literacy to things that are interesting and meaningful to the kiddos.  I really could go on and on about this, but I’ll shut up (for now)!

All of the above rambling hopefully gives you an insight into what I want this blog to be about.  It’s about young children exploring their world in any and every possible way.  There will be painting and bubbles and science experiments and trips to museums and snuggles on rainy days, among so many other things.  Some posts will be about my kiddo and his buds and what we do at home.  Other posts will be about teaching preschool and kindergarten, and what’s done in my classroom.  There will also be the occasional random post about something completely different that makes me smile or laugh.  No matter what, I hope this blog helps you get your recommended daily allowance of FUN!

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